Treatments & Prices

A reflexology treatment lasts between 50 to 60 minutes. The first time will be a little longer because we will begin with a consultation to help me to make sure that reflexology is suitable for you and to decide the best treatment plan.

Reflexology is not intrusive – you remain fully clothed except for removing your shoes and socks. We’ll start with a short foot massage, which will help to relax you and to make the reflexes (pressure points) more sensitive to treatment. I’ll then carry out the treatment using a variety of reflexology techniques, tailored to suit your particular needs.

Treatments and Prices

Reflexology Treatment 50 – 60 mins – £40 

Reflexology & Indian Head Massage 1 Hr 30 – £50

Reflexology, Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage 1 Hr 45 – £60

Pay up front for 5 Reflexology sessions and pay for 4! – £160 

Indian Head Massage 45 minutes – £25


*Please note that mobile treatments will incur a £5 charge. I travel within a 10 mile radius of Wethersfield.

Vouchers Available too!!